Josh Elias
Principal Investigator
Assistant Professor, Chemical and Systems Biology
Member, Cancer Center, Bio-X

Ph.D.: Harvard University, Cell Biology (2006)
B.S.: Cornell University, Biology, Genetics (1998)


Ellen Casavant
Graduate Student, Chemical and Systems Biology

Ellen Casavant entered her second year in the Elias lab. She was born in Northern California, moved to Southern California to earn her Bachelor's degree at UCSD for Biochemistry and Cell Biology, and has now returned to Northern California at Stanford to study the host gut proteome. More specifically, she hopes to understand how antibiotics affect gut homeostasis and the host's metabolic and secretory pathways. To assist in her research and data interpretation, she is developing statistical analysis tools in 'R.'


Arun Devabhaktuni
Graduate Student, Chemical and Systems Biology

Arun, a fourth year graduate student in Chemical and Systems Biology, wants to discover proteins that are missed by typical proteomic analyses. As an undergraduate student at MIT, he majored in both Biology and Physics, where he did research studying the dynamics of lambda phage infection and probed the mechanical properties of protein-DNA interactions. He is currently interested in combining chemistry and computational approaches to make de novo peptide sequencing a practical analysis tool.


Izumi Hinkson
Graduate Student, Chemical and Systems Biology

Izumi, a semi-native Californian (born on the East coast but raised on the West coast), received her bachelor's degree in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology from UC Davis. Izumi's research in the Elias Lab seeks to understanding role of protein turnover in aging and age-related diseases.


Joshua Lichtman
Graduate Student, Chemical and Systems Biology

Josh, a fourth-year student in Chemical and Systems Biology, is leading the Elias lab's microbiome efforts. He grew up in San Diego, CA, received his B.S. from Dickinson College in Pennsylvania and spent a year working at Synthetic Genomics Inc. in San Diego. He is currently interested in studying metabolism and human health as it relates to the human gut microbiome using mass-spectrometry- based metaproteomic techniques. Josh also plays on the Stanford Men's Club Volleyball team.


Niclas Olsson
Postdoctoral Fellow, Chemical and Systems Biology

Niclas received both his undergraduate and graduate degrees from Lund University in Sweden. During his PhD he developed a novel affinity proteomics technology platform entitled Global Proteome Survey (GPS) and then applied the GPS-methodology for in-depth profiling of breast tumors. Fascinated by clinical translational proteomic cancer research and personalized medicine he joined the Elias lab to pursue his postdoctoral studies. His current research explores the MHC peptidome to associate oncogenic somatic mutations with altered MHC peptide repertoires in normal cells, transformed cell lines and in primary tumors. These efforts may ultimately enable novel diagnostic assays and reveal ways for expanding adaptive transfer cancer therapies.


Samhita Rao
Research Assistant, Chemical and Systems Biology

Samhita holds a Bachelor's degree in Pharmacy from the University of Mumbai, and a Master's degree in Biotechnology from the University of Pennsylvania. She recently joined the Elias Lab to explore profiles of peptide antigens presented by MHC complexes.


Keith Rawson
Computational Specialist, Chemical and Systems Biology

Keith is a recent graduate from the University of Washington's Computer Science program. He recently joined the Elias Lab to help bring de novo peptide sequencing to the masses.



Elias Lab Alumnae


Dominique B. Figueroa
Formerly: Research Assistant, Elias Lab
Current whereabouts: Dominique is in the midst of her doctoral studies with Philip Cole at Johns Hopkins.


Annette Scharf
Formerly: Postdoctoral Researcher, Chemical and Systems Biology

Current whereabouts: Annette is now conducting mass spectrometry and proteomics research at the University of Heidelberg


John Sanders
Formerly: Graduate Student, Chemical and Systems Biology

Current whereabouts: After successfully defending his thesis, Analysis of dynamic signaling systems by mass spectrometry-based measurement of post-translational modifications, John promptly landed a position at Genentech.